Mobile Phone Recycling

clientuploads/mobile phones.JPGAt Computer Recycling Solutions, we offer mobile phone recycling services for businesses and individuals alike who want an easy, convenient way to dispose of their broken or out-of-date cell phones. Mobile phone manufacturers and retailers with damaged or defective inventory can turn to us for their high-volume recycling needs, as can any other business that needs to get rid of a large number of cell phones.

Fill out our online form, and we’ll be happy to schedule a pick-up time for any products that meet our guidelines. Or help arrange shipping for you.

For our residential customers who need to dispose of their broken or obsolete phones, Simply stop by and drop off your unwanted cell phones, and we’ll recycle them at absolutely no charge to you. In fact we will pay you for your old cell phones. In addition to our drop-off service for cell phone disposal, we can help non-profit organizations and other groups raise funds to support their causes with cell phone drives. For each phone that is collected during the event, Computer Recycling Solutions will donate money to your organization.


 To learn more or to find out if our recycling services meet your needs, contact us today. By choosing Computer Recycling Solutions you can feel confident knowing we’ll dispose of your goods using the most eco-friendly and efficient processes.



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