We Buy Circuit Boards

clientuploads/circuit boards02.JPGWe buy circuit boards from any device and pay you for the precious metals (such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium) found within them. We also buy circuit boards from computers, cell phones, telecommunication equipment, servers, military equipment, car electronics and many other sources.

Circuit boards come in an endless variety of shape, size and function. Older boards usually always have more precious metal - improvements in manufacturing processes have enabled modern boards to be made cheaper (with less precious metal.)

Circuit boards are separated into groups based on their values and are purchased by the pound.

Boardsclientuploads/photo 2(2).JPG

  • PC/Motherboards – High Grade and Low grade
  • Finger Cards – Video, Sound cards, PCI Cards etc…
  • Hard Drive Boards – Boards from Hard Drives,

  • Server/Network Boards – Boards from Servers or Networking Equip., Price varies on quality

  • Green Boards –
High grade, Mid grade, Low grade prices based on population
  • Low Grade Boards – Boards from TVs and Monitors


Processors/CPU’s clientuploads/photo 3(1).JPG

  • Green Fiber – Green Plastic CPUs (P3, AMD, etc.)

  • Black Fiber – Black Plastic CPUs (Pentium & Celeron)

  • Pin less CPU – P4

  • AMD Ceramic
  • AMD Ceramic Aluminum Back
  • Pentium Pro

  • Intel Ceramic 386/486/i960

  • Ceramic CPU

  • AMD w/Alum Top

  • Slot CPU – Slot CPU Card w/CPU attached (Plastic Removed)

Memory/RAM clientuploads/photo 4.JPG

  • Gold & Silver RAM – All RAM from CPUs, Laptops, and Servers



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